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The Republic of Khakassia, located on the territory of Sayan-Altaian Highland and Khakass-Minusinsk Depression, is the heart of the Southen Siberia. The capital of the republic is Abakan – business and cultural centre.

The Republic of Khakassia: the tourist attractions

The Republic of Khakassia

The Republic of Khakassia

Travelling in Khakassia starts in Abakan, where tourists from all over the world can find a lot of exciting excursions and tours. Tourists can visit different museums and see a great amount of monuments and other tourist attractions.

The attractions of Khakassia are situated on the whole territory of the republic. Every single district is interested and valuable for tourists because of its unique natural parts, full of secrets and mysteries.

The Republic of Khakassia consists of eight districts: Altaian district, Askizskiy district, Beyskiy district, Bogradskiy district, Ordzgonikidzevskiy district, Tashtypskiy district, Ust-Abakanskiy district and Shirinskiy district.

  1. Altaian district:
  • Izykhskiy chaa tas.
  1. Askizskiy district:
  • Sarakhtag Mountain;
  • Barrow ground Anchil chon;
  • Menhirs;
  • Khakass National Reserve “Kazanovka”;
  • Lake Balankul;
  • Lake Khankul;
  • Khyzyn-Khyr Petroglyphs;
  • Poltakov Museum of Rock Art;
  • Saphronovskiy burial ground;
  • Iney-tas Rock;
  • Stela “Ulug-Khurtuyah-Tas”.
  1. Beyskiy district:
  • Omaya (Omay-tura) Fortress;
  • Open-air Museum “Ust-Sos”;
  • Lake Sosnovoe;
  • Sayano–Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station.
  1. Bogradskiy district:
  • Borodinskaya Cave;
  • Boyarskaya Petroglyphs;
  • Grotto “Two eyes”;
  • Kopoynskiy chaa tas;
  • Oglakhtinskay Fortress;
  • Lake Gorkoe.
  1. Ordzgonikidzevskiy district:
  • Mountain Range “Sunduki”;
  • Lake Ivanovskie;
  • Tarpig Fortress;
  • “Fourth sunduk” Petroglyphs;
  • Saralinskoe statue “Tas-Khys”;
  • Suleki Petroglyphs.
  1. Tashtypskiy district:
  • “Hot Spring” (Abakanskiy Arzhan);
  • Lake Marankul.
  1. Ust-Abakanskiy district:
  • Barrow “Badger Narrow”;
  • Lake Ulug-Kol;
  • Podkuninskaya Petroglyphs;
  • Salbyk Barrows;
  • Uybatskiy chaa tas;
  • Temple Complex Zenkhyr (Uzhynkhyr).
  1. Shirinskiy district:
  • Chalpan Mountain;
  • The mountain Range “Sunduki”;
  • Ancient Settlement Soleno-ozernoe;
  • Chebaki Fortress;
  • Burial ground Itkol;
  • Lake Beloy;
  • Lake Itkul;
  • Lake Tus;
  • Lake Fyrkal;
  • Lake Chernoe;
  • Lake Shira;
  • Lake Shunet;
  • Oshkolskaya Petroglyphs (Podkamenskaya, Talkin Spring);
  • Paleolithic dwelling site Malaya Syya;
  • Kushkulakskaya Cave (Black Evil);
  • Shaman Track;
  • Tuim-ring (Tuimskoe Ring);
  • Tyimskiy Gap.

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