Museum of nature and an ecological path in Abakan

Khakassia is rich in various types of landscape. Here visitors may observe such natural areas as taiga, steppe, forests, hills and others. There are also museums in Abakan which contain different exhibitions presenting the peculiarities of natural ecological areas of the republic.

The museum of nature is one of such museums. In this museum tourists can find different information about all natural areas and parts of the reserve and there are also some facts about the peculiarities of the reserve itself. Visitors can learn not only about the climate, landscape, rare types of animals and plants, but also play in interactive games and find out the facts about the taiga life of a recluse Agafya Lykova.

Alive chronicle of nature

Museum of nature and ecological path “Alive chronicle of nature” in Abakan

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Scythian-Siberian Style

Different tribes inhabited the Republic of Khakassia during its long and rich history. Some of them just went though the territory, but some of them settled on here and left an imprint on the development of Khakassia: on its culture, art, architecture, traditions and customs (e.g. Okunev Archeological Culture).

Scythian-Siberian Deer in Khakassia

Scythian-Siberian Deer in Khakassia

In the early Iron Age (I B.C.) the Scythian-Siberian style was spread on the territory of Khakassia. Scythian peoples were nomad tribes living in steppes of Northern Black Sea region between the Danube and the Don. Continue Reading


The Knowledge Day in Abakan

There was the Knowledge Day in the capital of Khakassia, Abakan, on the 1st September 2015. It was sunny and very warm. From the very morning pupils with their parents came to schools, where there were held solemn school assemblies. Teachers and tutors were waiting to see their familiar pupils and glad to meet their new ones.

The Knowledge Day in Russia

The Knowledge Day in Abakan

Beautiful air-balloons, festival ribbons, vivid posters and flowers were the essential part of all schools in Khakassia in this remarkable day – the Knowledge Day. The most remarkable and memorable this day was for pupils from the first form. All the children from the first form were dressed in newly bought or sew school uniform and looked very beautiful. Continue Reading


Town Day in Abakan 2015

Town Day is the only festival in the Republic of Khakassia collecting a lot of people in the streets of Abakan. In 2015 Abakan reached its 84th anniversary. The town was founded in 1931. The celebration is held every year on the last but one Saturday in August.

Stand Town Day of Abakan

Stand “Town Day of Abakan”

Nowadays the capital of Khakassia is on the 4th place in the list of the most fast developing cities in Russia. Inhabitants of Khakassia come from all districts to the capital to celebrate Town Day. Continue Reading


Okunev Archeological Culture

The Republic of Khakassia has long and rich history which attract million of people to perceive and admire it. Tourists from all over the world wander among Khakass steppes in order to touch the traces of the past. Travelling round this peculiar place tourists may learn the ancient culture of native people.

Burial places, menhirs, kurgans (barrows) and stone stelae have been preserved up to the present days. Stones surrounding the kurgans or standing apart in the steppes have a lot of different ancient images. Until now stelae remain the objects of worship among native people.

Okunev Archeological Culture in Khakassia

Okunev Stone Composition

One of the most distinguished cultures ever existed on the territory of Khakassia is Okunev archeological culture. It was named after the name of the ulus Okunev where the first burials of such type were found and it was spread on the territory of the republic in II BC. This period is called the Bronze Age. Continue Reading