Ecological complex in Abaza town

Abaza town is an Abaza urban district and occupies the territory of Tashtypsky District. Abaza is on the border of Askizsky and Beysky Districts and 179 kilometres far from Abakan town, the capital of the Republic of Khakassia. Abaza as any part of the republic is full of cultural and natural sightseeings.

Taiga literacy

Ecological complex in Abaza town – Taiga literacy

Here tourists may find different entertaining excursions presenting the unique and rare natural peculiarities of Khakassia. Ecological tourism is very popular nowadays that’s why visitors may attend such excursions in this part of the republic too. Visit-centre situated in Abaza town gives tourists full information about this area of the republic.

Ecological complex in Abaza town – Taiga literacy

Dangerous Alley

Ecological complex in Abaza town – Dangerous Alley

Siberian Cedar

Information stand “Siberian Cedar”

Excursions of State National Reserve Khakassky

Excursions of State National Reserve Khakassky (Abaza town)

Ecological complex is one of the numerous exhibitions and is found in Abaza town. This complex includes the ecological path “Taiga literacy”, the museum of Siberian craft and the visit-centre. The main theme of the excursion complex is the Siberian taiga.

Visitors can learn a lot of new information about the taiga inhabitants, medical plants, steps of growing up of the cedar and the traditional craft of taiga residents. During the excursion tourists will be able taste different herbal types of tea with honey.

Excursions are for children from 7 years old and adults, organized in groups of 10 – 25 people. The duration of the excursion is one hour. The seasonality is all the year round.


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