Lake Itkul

Lake Itkul is the freshest and clearest lake in Shirinskiy District located three kilometers further west than the Lake Shira. In summer water in the lake is rather warm even despite the impressed size and the depth of the lake. Beautiful nature and warm clear water the tourist attractions not only from all districts of Khakassia but also from Siberia and the whole world as well.

Due to its size Itkul is on the second place among all other lakes of khakassia. The form of the lake is oval; its length is seven kilometers, the width is five kilometers and the depth is seventeen meters.

Lake Itkul of the Republic of Khakassia

Lake Itkul of the Republic of Khakassia

Near the South-East part of the lake there are situated the Spirinskie Lakes and cane sloughs. The neighboring area of Itkul is very beautiful especially the mountainous south-west shore which covered with mingled wood. There are bold shores on the north-west and south parts of the lake. But, mostly on the south part of Itkul, the shore is shelving and covered with clean white sand; that’s why this part of the lake is the most comfortable place for beaches. Every summer tourists from all over the world come exactly to this place for having rest, relaxing, swimming or just having fun with their friends and families.

Nowadays Itkul is under the protection of State National Reserve “Khakassky”. The visit-centre of the reserve was opened here in 2012. The reserved territory includes not only the lake but also three low-miniralized Spirinskie lakes.

On the surrounding area we can observe different types of steppe (for example, semi-desert steppes, meadow steppes and others). If we look at the Spirinskie Lakes we can see such floral societies as cane sloughs, salt steppes or meadows.

Flora and fauna of the Lake Itkul

The territory of the reserved area includes some rare types of plants, for example, oxytrope, erodium (Erodium tataricum) and feather grass (Stipa pennata).

Some rare birds such as demoiselle crane, black-headed gull (Larus ichtyaetus), peregrine falcon (Falco peregrines), saker falcon (Falco cherrug) and imperial eagle (Aquila heliacal) also inhabit this territory. By the way all of them are registered in the Russian Red Book.

Rare birds of the Lake Itkul

Rare birds of State National Reserve “Khakassky”, Lake Itkul site

Water in the lake gives a place for living for seventeen types of fish: perch (Perca fluviatilis), peled (Coregonus peled), silver crucian (Caarassius auratus), pike (Carassius auratus), ide (Leuciscus idus), bream (Abramis brama) and omul (Coregonus autumnalis migratorus).

The neighboring area is full of hares, foxes, muskrats, woodchucks and ground squirrels. Vivid stands in the visit-centre present the photographs of different big wild animals inhabiting this place (such as wild boars and roe deer).

The travelers’ guide of visiting the Lake Itkul

Lake Itkul is attracted to tourists and travelers from different parts of the worlds because of its amazing nature and picturesque landscape. In summer water in the lake is rather warm that gives a great opportunity for relaxing and swimming. For longer rest there are some specially organized places for travelers – on the north-west and north-east sides of the lake tourists can pitch tents. Someone who is keen on riding a bike easily finds different routes with various complexities.

Fresh lake Itkul in Shirinskiy District

Fresh lake Itkul in Shirinskiy District

The visit-centre located near the lake supplies tourists with different kinds of information – here travelers can choose any excursions and trips. By the way vivid stands in the visit-centre present all the peculiarities of the area and typical animals inhabiting the neighboring territory of the lake. In the visit-centre tourists can also learn about the floral world of the reserve.


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