Lakes of Khakassia

Khakassia is one of the most beautiful places of Siberia attracting tourists from different parts of the world by its remarkable nature, vast steppes, immense mountains and curative lakes.

There are about one thousand lakes located on the territory of the republic. All of them are different in the shape, size and degree of salt amount. The number of big lakes is about five hundred and the square of one lake is more than ten hectares. There are about one hundred salt lakes.

Such lakes as Itkul, Fyrkal, Oshkol and some others are considered among the biggest fresh lakes. Whereas Belyo, Shira, Tus and others are supposed to be the biggest salt lakes.

Lakes of the Republic of Khakassia

Lakes of the Republic of Khakassia

Water in lakes of Khakassia is rather warmed in summer that’s why travelers come to them for resting and swimming. Every tourist chooses his own trip and visits the appropriate lake. Some tourists come to the curative salt lakes (rich in healthful mud) to make their health better and some tourists prefer to swim in the clear and transparent fresh lakes.

There are lakes in all districts of the Republic of Khakassia and because of it wherever you travel you may have a rest near a clear lake and enjoy the picturesque nature.

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