Town Day in Abakan 2015

Town Day is the only festival in the Republic of Khakassia collecting a lot of people in the streets of Abakan. In 2015 Abakan reached its 84th anniversary. The town was founded in 1931. The celebration is held every year on the last but one Saturday in August.

Stand Town Day of Abakan

Stand “Town Day of Abakan”

Nowadays the capital of Khakassia is on the 4th place in the list of the most fast developing cities in Russia. Inhabitants of Khakassia come from all districts to the capital to celebrate Town Day. In this year there were two places for the festivities: the sports stadium “Sayany” and near the sports centre “Abakan”, in the Park of Culture and Rest. Citizens and guests were having fun, dancing, taking parts in different contests and taking photos near the fountain.

Fountain at the sports complex Abakan

Fountain with colour music at the sports complex “Abakan”


Citizens taking photos near the fountain

At the end of the festival there were two beautiful fireworks: at the sports stadium “Sayany” and at the sports centre “Abakan”.


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