The Knowledge Day in Abakan

There was the Knowledge Day in the capital of Khakassia, Abakan, on the 1st September 2015. It was sunny and very warm. From the very morning pupils with their parents came to schools, where there were held solemn school assemblies. Teachers and tutors were waiting to see their familiar pupils and glad to meet their new ones.

The Knowledge Day in Russia

The Knowledge Day in Abakan

Beautiful air-balloons, festival ribbons, vivid posters and flowers were the essential part of all schools in Khakassia in this remarkable day – the Knowledge Day. The most remarkable and memorable this day was for pupils from the first form. All the children from the first form were dressed in newly bought or sew school uniform and looked very beautiful. This year every school choose itself the school uniform. That’s why everyone could see different kinds of school uniform: the traditional black-bottom and white-top uniform, checkered uniform and so on.

The 1st September in Abakan

The 1st September in Abakan

On the square near the Children’s Activity Centre there was a joyful fair devoted to the 1st September. Citizens could see a lot of posters and stands with different handcrafted items made by the pupils from the Children’s Activity Centre. The funny childish music was everywhere on the square, the children were playing different games and taking parts in competitions. The parents could also register their child in any club they liked or met the tutors of the Children’s Activity Centre.

The Knowledge Day in Khakassia

The Knowledge Day on the square near the Children’s Activity Centre

Citizens, guests and tourists of the capital of Khakassia could notice that Abakan visibly changed on the 1st September. On the first day of autumn citizens observed pupils of all ages with flowers and dressed in beautiful uniforms coming to schools. There are more than 19000 pupils who are going to study in schools of Abakan this year, and there are about 2500 pupils from the first form among them. There are 300 pupils more than in the last year.

In the second half of the day all streets, parks and squares of Abakan were full of happy pupils having started a new 2015 – 2016 school year.


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