Abakan is considered to get its name after the name of the river on which riverside the town is located. One of the interpretations of the name is a Khakass phrase «ахбан сух» (akhban sukh) which is corruptly translated into Russia and means «clear water». But other people suppose that the word «Abakan» consists of two parts – «аба» (aba) and «кан» (kan).

Photos of Abakan

Garden of Dreams Park in Abakan

“Garden of Dreams” Park

Buratino Monument in Komsomol'sky Park in Abakan

Buratino Monument in Komsomol’sky Park

 Komsomol'sky Park in Abakan

Komsomol’sky Park

The word «аба» (aba) might have meant the name of one of the tribes having lived at the river head, and the word «кан» (kan) might have meant the word «way» or «road». But there is one more point of view that the word «аба» (aba) means «bear» and the word «кан» (kan) is the corrupt variant for «хан» (khan) – «blood». So in the other words there is «bear’s blood». However, there is no concrete answer for the meaning of the name of the river Abakan.

 Yarygin Monument in Abakan

Yarygin Monument

  "Abakan" on Lenin Avenue

“Abakan” on Lenin Avenue

Travelling in Khakassia starts with the visiting the centre of the republic – the sunny town Abakan.


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